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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Is "Less Awful" the Best I Can Hope For?

A new month, a new rotation. I am now a general surgery intern on the hepato-biliary team. Here's how surgery stacks up to anaesthesia:

Surgery Cons:
1. I start at 6am most days. That's pretty damn early. I'm trying not to get up earlier than 5:30am to be on the floor by 6am, but I'm cutting it close. My personal hygiene is taking a dangerous downturn.

2. I am the sole responsible person for a ward of approximately 20 very sick patients. My backup (another R1 and an R2 in general surgery who is my senior) both decided to take vacation this week. Who the hell approved THAT request?

3. I don't know the first thing about managing actual sick people. My previous rotations have been emergency psych, obs/gyn and anaesthesia. Not a sick person in the bunch. I am just realizing this now.

4. I hate surgery. My attention span is far too short to stand still holding a retractor for more than 30 minutes. My team seems to do a lot of Whipples. A Whipple is 6-8 hours long. My goal is to avoid the Whipple at all costs.

5. I am lucky to leave here at 6pm. That's a bloody long day.

Surgery Pros:
1. It's not anaesthesia.

Surgery wins.



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