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Monday, October 17, 2005

Random Thought for the Day

When women come into hospital to have babies, I never cease to be amazed at how many of them have the presence of mind to engage in meticulous pubic hair grooming even when unable to see their own genitals. Not everyone, mind you, but enough that after a couple of weeks of obstetrics I asked one of the attendings if they asked their patients to shave at least partially before coming in to hospital (her answer was no, and a puzzled shake of her head-- it's okay, I'm now used to asking stupid questions).

Men, on the other hand... not so much. I spent one day in a urology OR, where it was apparently vasectomy day for men unable to have anyone handle their delicate members without general anaesthetic (can you SEE me rolling my eyes out here?). Not ONE of them even thought to trim their giant bush of pubes. Lovely. So instead, the nurse does it and they end up with a half trimmed wang.

Are men just lazy, or are women just more conscious of personal grooming?


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Blogger Ada said...

I think most women get used to shaving before they get preagnant, and then remember that they won't look too presentable if they just let it grow out...

and there isn't much pressure on guys to shave anyway...

just a thought

10:21 PM

Blogger Kirsten said...

toooooo funny......i gave birth three times, and forgot (couldn't see, or care) to the last time...was mortified when my legs went in the stirrup...i didn't shave them either....your blog is hysterical...

11:50 AM

Anonymous shamu said...

See, women are used to a lifetime of conformity, sad to say. And due to the prevalence of shaved porn, men seem to like bald labias.

But it's a valid question. Should I shave prior to labour? Because if I end up needing stiches, will I end up getting an emergency shave from a non-esthetician? :-P

10:11 PM

Blogger MustangSally said...

Wow, I didn't realize shaving was as prevalant as it seems to be. I think it would be one of the last things on my mind if I was about to give birth.

So is the consensus among medical professionals that it's a big help if patients do their own grooming? I had surgery when I was 18 and I wonder if the nurse who had to shave me was mad. I didn't know anything about shaving anything other than my legs and armpits back then. Oops!

7:18 PM

Blogger Stephanie said...

I think men are just so used to us doing everything for them... ;o) hee!

4:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a man I can offer some insight into the male POV on "Shaving down there".

First...well, it just doesn't occur much to us to shave down there. Dad didn't say, "Remember Billy, shave your face AND your pubes."

Second, NO WAY any sharp objects will get near our family jewels! There is all that loose skin and sensory nerves abound, and who in thier right mind would want to use after shave lotion? (Shudder) Don't even want to think about it...

Third, for most guys it feels unmanly. C'mon, men are rugged, hairy types, and we aim to fit the sterotype. Bad enough we get flack for growing a a beard or moustache.

Fourth, I mentioned lots of folds of skin down there? Imagine spiky stubble sticking into delicate sensitive skin...

Fifth, No man want to look like a prepubescent boy.

Sixth, Itchy! And who want to have more men scratching his jock?

Seventh, okay we can groom rather than shave, but it hard to shave behind and around and object...and trust us, most of us a very very VERY sensitive down there. Sometimes it just something to avoid.

Incidentally, I shave because my wife prefers it. But for myself...nah. I expect we'll only shave for those we love. :)

12:41 AM


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