The world of medicine is like a bubble. A lot of people THINK they know what goes on there, but unless you're down in the trenches it's unlikely you do. So here is my semi-anonymous blog, here to tell you what really goes on in the life of a medical resident.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

An actual conversation that occurred between my preceptor and I during our weekend on call.

Me: We have a new admission to the ICU.

Preceptor: One of my patients, or an assigned?

Me: Assigned. Hmm.

Preceptor: What?

Me: His reason for admission.

Preceptor: An interesting case?

Me: Could be. His admitting diagnosis is 'asystole'. Doesn't that mean he's dead?

Preceptor: Yup.

Me: Hmm. So I guess we'll leave him for the end of rounds?

Preceptor: Yeah. Maybe he'll have decided is he's dead or not by that point.

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Anonymous Sharon NY said...

ROFLMAO- ohhh now THAT is a good sign.. a good sense of humor is essential in medicine! I'm an old EMT and many people ("civilians")do not understand the necessity of "dark" humor as a survival mechanism... but the rest of us do!

3:14 PM

Blogger Oopher said...

LMAO. That is hilarious.

6:28 AM


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