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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Things that Will Someday Manage to Kill Off the Human Race*:

10. Band saws, table saws... pretty much any kind of saw that plugs in to the wall. I'll stick to the kind that work on human power, thanks.
9. Throwing gas on a campfire because it's dying out.
8. Backyard trampolines-- because kids don't have enough ways of injuring themselves already?
7. Working on high structures without appropriate safety equipment-- unless you can fly, not a great idea.
6. Inserting large objects into body cavities that I'm fairly certain God intended to make "exit-only"
5. Anything that involves building a ramp
4. Riding bikes without helmets... why make a potentially minor injury a potentially major one?
3. ATV's/Snowmobiles (depending on the season, but the injuries are interchangable)
2. Motorcycles, regardless of helmet use
1. Not wearing seatbelts. Seriously... I can't believe that people still get in a car and don't buckle up immediately. Are they stupid, or just have a wicked death wish?

And yes... every single one of these is based on at LEAST one case I've seen this week. Welcome back to medicine.

* (or, possibly, just the stupid people)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha...some of them are pretty funny :)

9:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gravity, alcohol, and power tools: you'll never be out of business!

10:11 PM

Anonymous Shirah said...

You say this like it is a bad thing; survival of the fittest, I say.

6:30 AM

Anonymous Boneswife (Jean) said...

Very funny! But oh so true

10:12 AM

Blogger Daisie said...

"anything that involves a ramp" -- ha!

12:23 PM

Blogger Midwife with a Knife said...

Heh! I think it's probably just stupid people. reasonable people can use saws (as well as a variety of power tools) safely. :)

7:22 PM

Blogger dinah34 said...

funny stuff couz!

although i think it's ban saws not band saws. although a band saw could be pretty funny too (and dangerous). :P

1:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i LOVE your blog!!

-premed101 :)

12:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dinah- it's acutally a band saw, named after the band of toothed metal that rotates to cut.

The Darwin awards ought to allow you to nominate said patients.

10:35 AM


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