The world of medicine is like a bubble. A lot of people THINK they know what goes on there, but unless you're down in the trenches it's unlikely you do. So here is my semi-anonymous blog, here to tell you what really goes on in the life of a medical resident.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Note to all of you lurkers...

Hi. I'm constantly amazed by how many people read my blog. What started as an easy way to keep my nearest and dearest relatively up to date on my life during my busiest times has snowballed into a forum where I vent and complain, and generally get things off my chest. And it seems to be read by a significant number of people. And apparently there are a lot of you reading out there that aren't even related to me. That being said... hi mom!

I've had quite a few people in various spheres of my life mention that they read my blog. From Hitched ladies that I barely know to people that I went to school with a while back. I recently got an e-mail from someone whom I haven't spoken to in months congratulating me on my program switch... she had seen it in my blog. Wha? Granted, many of the people who claim to have been reading my entries regularly might just be trying to be polite. Since I don't have the web-savvy to add a counter to my page I have to take their word for it.

But here's the complaint... why don't you post? I love reading comments from people, whether I know you in real life or not. Particularly if you disagree with something I've written. Maybe I'm just not being inflammatory enough. Taking criticism is the risk you take when you expose some of your more personal thoughts with a public audience. But I can take it as well as I dish it out. So post. Tell me what you think. It makes me feel loved. Or not.

(Disclaimer: If you leave a random obnoxious comment and don't identify yourself, I'll erase it. This is not a democracy... it's my page. So there. Heh.)



Anonymous Charms said...

Couz, I recently started reading your blog after seeing the link on Hitched. Knowing nothing about the life of doctors, I love reading your stuff. It's wickedly funny, yet authentic all at the same time. You rule!


5:43 PM

Blogger ICU 101 said...

i'd post more, but you never approve my comments! :Þ

6:37 PM

Blogger VitaminKMD said...

Guilty as charged. I lurk, and I also enjoy all of your posts, couz. With the schedules we enjoy, it's wonderful to keep in touch, even in such a peripheral manner.

I also love reading your posts- hilarious, yes, and all to accurate...

8:55 PM

Blogger Nikki said...

Oh, that'd be me, a lurker. :)

I'm a second-year med student....I enjoy reading your blog and scaring the crap out of myself about residency. ;)

In all seriousness, I really do enjoy reading and I don't have a good excuse for not noting yet!!!

4:55 PM

Anonymous bellydancinbabe said...

I think it's safe to say that most of the Hitched ladies who say they read this are telling the truth...I just don't feel smart enough to comment on most of the things you say! I'm glad I had my surgery before I started reading about the other side of the hospital!

10:07 PM

Blogger dogsled_stacie said...

Geez, after your pleading - still no comments! Well, here ya go...

Great blog! I have no major interest in medicine or anything - , but love great writing and being entertained. I get that through your blog every time you post. Good fun! Plus it's pretty much the polar opposite of my life... yet another reason I find it entertaining.

Oh, and for the site counter, you don't need any web savvy at all. Go to and sign up. All you have to do is enter in your blog username and password and they do it for you. Easy! And fun to see who visits and where they're from. Give it a go.

2:31 AM

Blogger Erin said...

Hi. I lurk here. I love reading your posts! I promise to try to comment more often...

1:46 PM

Anonymous Foxy said...

Ah, and we are all connected.

I'm a-readin'!

9:44 PM

Blogger Couz said...

Thank you all. Now I feel loved. :-)

11:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found your blog before, but now it's even more relevant to me since I plan to pursue my MD in the next 10 years or so. Gotta wean all the babies first.


2:51 PM

Blogger Nikki said...

OOOOLD post, but I felt it was appropriate to introduce myself. I'm reading through everything, starting at the beginning.

I'm in the US, thinking about med school (or dental school, or PA school - can't figure out which!)
and I love reading medical blogs. I find you through, I think, 10 out of 10.

12:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm almost the same as Nikki. I am reading from the beginning after finding you from 10 out of 10 and I am sitting GAMSAT '10 and hope to apply for '11 Medicine.
I'm a student who when I am supposed to be studying procrastinates by reading blogs and reassures myself that staying in and studying all these evenings will pay off when I am in a rewarding and fulfilling career.........
Now back to that assignment!

7:51 AM


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