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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Oh Please.

I stumbled across an article describing the 'dangers' of the new Wii video game system from Nintendo. Finally, by inventing a video game that requires players to get their asses off the couch, there might be some hope for a generation whose main form of exercise is walking from the TV to the fridge.

Instead, people are overdoing it. And as a result, giving themselves the kind of injuries you'd expect to see when sedentary people suddenly spend hours on end doing things their body isn't accustomed to. Not to mention the damage that flailing limbs are doing to nearby lamps, pets and people.

So the litigation-savvy people at Nintendo are doing just what you'd expect-- warning people that it's safer to play the Wii from a seated position on the couch.

Don't worry, childhood obesity. The Wii won't be a threat for long.



Blogger Dr Dork said...

One would hope that waving an arm would at least burn a handful more calories than wiggling a thumb.

I must confess the demo's I've seen at shopping centres do look like fun...and hopefully there's still a few more years before Playstations have a direct cortical plug.

2:37 AM


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