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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Creeping Towards the Finish Line...

I'm starting to feel like residency might actually end some day.

To put this in perspective, this realization is probably panic-driven. There are 3 months and 14 days left until my emergency medicine board exams. And yes, I'm counting. And as old as it makes me sound, nothing makes you more aware of the passage of time like watching a child grow up. The Bean is moving forward at a dizzying pace (figuratively speaking-- not crawling yet, thank God!)... he's sitting, reaching, grasping, rolling, and has just cut his first tooth. It's all going so fast. 

If I hadn't taken maternity leave, I'd be one 4-week rotation away from the end of my residency training. I'm watching my co-residents go on to bigger and better things-- accepting fellowships, staff positions-- I can't help but feel envious. Two of the residents in my year have accepted staff positions at the hospital where we've been training. So as of July 1st although they won't be allowed to supervise me directly, they'll be my staff. 

I can't believe I still have 6 months to go. It feels like forever. 


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