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Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Due Date to Me

Well, today marks the last of the 3 due dates given to me at various points along my pregnancy. I've now been off work for 2 weeks. I'm bored stiff. I don't wish I were still working, because I can't manage to be on my feet for more than an hour without serious pain. I don't fit any clothing anymore other than my stretchy Lulu Still Pants (my only regret is that I only have one pair!). I'm bored, and uncomfortable, and pretty much the size of a small planet. I think I have my own gravitational pull.

So this is the belly. And velcro-dog's butt. Until the big day, I'm spending my time surfing the internet on the couch (using what is left of my lap to precariously balance my laptop). And wishing death on the next person who tells me to "enjoy my free time" (difficult to do when all of your favorite activities are physical ones and walking from the couch to the bathroom is exhausting) and "they're easier to take care of on the inside". Gah. 

The Bean has been served his eviction notice. So for those of you asking.... yup. Still pregnant.

Wish me luck


Blogger Ms. SuperScience said...

Sending you sympathy thoughts - that sounds really unpleasant! (Although, at that stage of pregnancy, really nothing is pleasant, as I recall) Hoping for a quick & easy delivery, and soon... good luck!

8:19 AM

Blogger The other Vanda said...

I hope today, December 1st, brings some good real contractions.

9:54 AM

Blogger Amanzi Down Under said...

If you're not yet labouring, perhaps ask your husband if he would be so kind as to make a prostaglandin deposit into your posterior fornix.... I know walking to the bathroom is hard right now, but you probably wouldn't have to move too much...and this always works!

9:59 AM

Blogger Midwife with a Knife said...

what amanzi said. ;)

Seriously, good luck. The last part of pregnancy kinda sucks.

11:14 AM

Blogger Nikki said...

Lots and lots of luck! Come on, baby! Time to make your appearance. :)

6:36 PM

Blogger Lisa said...

That final part of pregnancy is the worst. :( Take naps, lots of naps!

I hope you have a quick and easy delivery! :)

12:50 AM

Blogger Jenny said...

You have a beautiful belly. :) I'm not as far along as you are (yet), but I can definitely sympathize with being uncomfortable. I wish you a speedy and easy delivery, and soon!

12:12 PM

Blogger Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Good luck!! Wishing you a smooth delivery!

12:23 PM

Anonymous Charms said...

Wishing you luck!

Thanks for the updates.

10:22 AM

Blogger medstudentitis said...

Is there a baby yet?!?!?

4:19 PM

Anonymous dahmane said...

Do tell...! Is there a baby yet? i remember well that time of pregnancy...yuckky!
i send you my best wishes that you have a cuddly bundle of joy by now and all went well.

much love, tracy

10:27 AM

Blogger Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Is there a little bundle of joy yet?

11:17 AM

Blogger dogsled_stacie said...

Happy Birthing Dr. Couz!! :)

3:42 AM

Blogger Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Ah, it's been long enough. I'm guessing there has to be a baby by now. Soo.... CONGRATULATIONS!!!

1:51 PM

Blogger Trudie said...

Yesterday it was exactly 29 years since my son was born - but MAN do I remember those last weeks before! My due date was December 15 and the doctor told me that if nothing had happened over the weekend after, I was to call the hospital. On Monday I did exactly that - only to be told that they had no beds available!!! By then I was more like a beached whale and extremely uncomfortable - not to mention totally desperate. Since the situation called for some decisive action, I waddled off to the nearest pharmacy and purchased 250ml of Castor Oil, then made my way home on my log-like legs. I downed the entire bottle and laid down on the bed waiting for it to take effect. About 2 hours later there was some serious rumblings coming from my nether regions and after that everything happened fast. So fast in fact, that my doctor didn't make it to the hospital before my son was born.... I didn't dare tell the pediatrician what I had done to get things started until my son was almost a year old....

8:50 AM

Blogger mrks said...

I'm assuming congratulations are in order, by now! I pray all went well, is well, and everyone is happy!

12:09 PM

Blogger ditzydoctor said...

is there a bean yet? a real, live kicking bean? :) congratulations! :)

1:14 PM

Blogger If I just lay here... said...

My sister in law was a week and a half due. Being overdue makes me not want to have children.

But that's about the only thing that doesn't.

Good luck, I hope it doesn't last nuch longer.

12:07 AM

Blogger Jenny said...

Hope you're busy with the new addition! :) Hope you can update soon.

11:37 AM

Anonymous mamakay said...

Where's the update?

I'm really curious since you and I had the same EDD.

Hope all is well!

1:34 PM

Anonymous MSG said...


I hope that you're doing well and that the Bean has made his appearance. We are all looking forward to the update, just as soon as you're able. In the mean time - Merry Christmas and I hope you have a great new year!

7:37 AM

Blogger DrWes said...

Best of luck. Hope all's okay... We're pushing for you! (oh, sorry...)

5:24 PM


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