The world of medicine is like a bubble. A lot of people THINK they know what goes on there, but unless you're down in the trenches it's unlikely you do. So here is my semi-anonymous blog, here to tell you what really goes on in the life of a medical resident.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Testing, Testing, 1,2,3...

I'm not even sure how to do this anymore. And I doubt anyone is still listening. But apparently, Blogger will let blogs lie dormant for 2 years + without shutting them down. Huh. Who knew?

The danger in that is that inevitably, after practicing emergency medicine for 2.5 years, things will eventually wear you down enough that they will come boiling to the surface in a tsunami of resentment, irritation and rage at... well, everyone. At patients, at their families, at other doctors, at various support staff, at administration, at politicians... no one is safe.

And then, even if you thought you'd never blog again, you find yourself longing for an outlet... something that isn't satisfied by the soundbites generated by a Twitter account.

I may be back. Unless I can talk myself out of it.


Blogger medstudentitis said...

I'm still here with my ear pressed to the glass!

10:23 PM

Blogger Allie said...

make that 2!

(welcome back!!!)

10:37 PM

Anonymous isles said...

Yup, there was my RSS reader, just waiting for you to start writing again! Spill it...sounds like you've got some juicy stories.

10:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah RSS! You posted and it showed up in my feed reader.

1:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your posts!

3:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm listening!

3:35 PM

Anonymous Mayhem said...

How slow am I that I just found out you were on twitter? Two years wasted, wondering if you were ever gonna come back. Tsk Tsk. Anyway please come back, I've missed your blog so much.

1:30 AM

Blogger Mel said...

Still here!

11:32 AM

Blogger Gabrielle said...

Yeah, I agree with everyone else! PLEASE COME BACK as I am reading through ALL of your archives like some steamy romance novel hanging on each word and dreading getting to the end to be left wondering.

4:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come back! I started reading your blog as a med student and it made me feel sane. Now I am at the end of my residency and would love to hear how things go from here on out....

12:42 AM

Anonymous Urgent Care Houston said...

As the comments show, you are appreciated. Others in your field enjoy reading like-minded blogs. So, I vote for you to not let your blog expire. :)

2:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:13 PM

Blogger ZW2687 said...

Please come back!!! I've loved reading your blog! :)

11:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eagerly awaiting your posts :)

1:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ive read all of your archives. It would be awesome if you came back!

7:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your all of your entries and share many of the same experiences. I randomly thought about reading it today and saw a 'new' entry. Hope to see some more :)

8:38 PM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always really liked your blog and every few months check to see if you've updated... it would be great if you started again.



10:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

please come back!

11:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, you need to come back! Loved your blog!

10:07 PM

Anonymous ErRanter said...

Glad to see you back, keep it coming.

2:03 AM

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6:51 PM

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Blogger Symbiosis said... can I say I am going through the exact same thing...I just had to come back today after a long dormancy...I am literally being driven crazy by medicine and the lack of a trust are not alone...and yes, everyone needs an outlet..and deserves one...atleast this is better that alcohol or men!!!

1:35 AM

Blogger Peter Orlando said...

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3:39 AM

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12:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still listening.

2:55 PM

Anonymous modalert said...

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12:27 PM

Anonymous Nurse and Hospital Stories said...

"I may be back. Unless I can talk myself out of it."

Hope you'll really be back, eh. Looking forward for an update. :)

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12:48 AM

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6:48 PM

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You can always return and post again :)

3:05 PM

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Blogger Ann Stone said...

I just found you. Hate you're already gone.

1:22 PM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so glad you have resumed blogging. I chanced on your blog as my daughter was applying for her dream residency FRCPC in ER Medicine -and got in. Now she is going through all the usual struggles (currently PGY2). I strongly urged her to read your blog as it was real-time and very relevant to any woman who wishes to make a career in this exciting area of medicine. THANK YOU and best wishes. Perhaps you can comment on how female ER docs reconcile parenthood with their careers ?

8:33 AM

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Blogger Niam Hew said...

Every now and then you will need to release steam and write about it. I was so frustrated that I wrote an entire book about it. I still need to blog.

12:49 AM

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