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Friday, June 20, 2008

The Exam

Just in case you were wondering, I've decided that I'm going to sit for my board exams in September. I've already paid the fees, and I *do* still have 2 months and 21 days left to study.

I decided that I would wait and see how I felt after the practice exams that my department was nice enough to organize for us this week. I didn't have high hopes, as I've done all of two months of emergency medicine in the past year and the last time I was in the emerg here was 11 months ago. That's a long time to be out of the swing of things. 

Well... I wish I could say that I aced the practice exams and that my confidence is back. But no. In fact, I failed two of the four orals. In one of them, I practically killed a patient. 

So why am I still thinking of writing the exam? Well for starters, I did really well on the written. And my strength is usually the oral. I'm good at thinking on my feet, less good at retaining minutiae that I don't use every day. So if I already have a pretty good base of knowledge for the written, that helps a lot. As for the oral... well, I sucked. I won't sugar-coat it. But one that I passed I managed to get through with very little knowledge simply by thinking my way through it, and the two that I didn't pass were for incredibly STUPID mistakes on my part. Things that when I'm actually confronted with the situation, I always think to do.

If you're curious, I forgot to ask about Viagra use before giving a cardiac patient nitro, and had to watch helplessly as his pressure bottomed out in spite of fluid bolus after fluid bolus. Finally I conceded defeat after starting him on two different pressors and crystalloids. Gah. The other case I failed because I didn't examine the scrotum of a young boy with RLQ pain and vomiting. I ruled out appendix and missed a testicular torsion.  Again, stupid mistake that I would never make in real life. Grr.

Basically it all went down in a way that made me realize that once I'm back in the emerg and getting back in the EM frame of mind, it will all be second nature. I *can* do this. 

Hearing that PGY-3 EM candidates have over a 90% pass rate made me feel better as well. Heh.

One more week until I'm back in emerg. It's been forever. I can't wait!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good luck dr. couz!!! U can do it! :)

PS. I'm writing my MCAT....that exam sucks big time!!!

9:55 PM

Blogger Resident Anesthesiologist Guy (RAG) said...

Good luck. Sounds like you're heading in the right direction as far as taking the exam.

9:10 AM

Blogger eziukai said...

frustration in medicine is quite natural, for my opinion. i think you will pass your exam ;). good luck.

6:42 PM

Blogger Jeffrey said...

all the best in your preparation!

9:37 AM

Blogger Mrs. Spaghetti Bender said...

you will do great. As you said once you are back in that mind set everything will go well.

11:00 AM

Anonymous rach said...

hi there. i've just started bloggin' and i happen to stumble upon your blog through links and i think by far i like your blog most. i am now a nursing student but i really want to be doctor. im planning on taking medicine after finishing my nursing course, but that still depends on our financial status. i really want to be a doctor to the barrio and reach out those people from far-flung areas that our Department of Health can't reach (i am from a third world country, by the way). i am inspired by your witty reflections and your medical insights. i hope that you will succeed in your every endeavor. god bless you and i sure would love to hear about your exams afterwards. =D

11:24 AM

Blogger Milk & Two Sugars said...

Hell yes, you can do it. In my most recent practice oral exam, I consented a sedated patient for surgery. Yes, really. Am now feeling very thankful that we're given the opportunity to stuff up prior to the real thing!

6:25 PM

Blogger Dragonfly said...

Hope it went well.

7:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

update already!!!!


9:52 AM

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